Starry starry night!

Good morning everyone… The last couple of days was very very cold and feels like the winter has arrived a bit early! This morning was 4ºC and yesterday 3ºC. Hopefully it would warm up a little in the next couple of days! My vehicle don’t have windows and it feels like the wind is blowing through everything! I took this photo of the milky way last night, with a camel-thorn tree silhouette. Enjoy! Cheers till tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Starry starry night!

  1. Hi Hannes,

    I’m headed up to the park tomorrow evening, thanks for the weather update. How is the viewing with such cold weather?



  2. Hi James, its ok, seen lions pretty much everyday, birdlife still good, but cheetahs quiet! Leopards always quiet! They say from tomorrow onwards things will warm up slightly!
    drive safe!

  3. Very nicely captured Hannes.
    What settings did you use?

    A friend of mine works at Sutherland and he posted one on his Facebook page that he took , which was amazing as well.

    Stay warm

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