Good afternoon everyone, sorry I disappeared for a while, I got stuck with a pride of lions in the north! Two beautiful black-maned lions and a female with three playful cubs.

The cubs are great to watch and never let you down , they are always playing and jumping on mom and dad! Here they are coming towards us down one of the Botswana roads, mom on the left, and sister on the right, the young male was always in the front!  Its great capturing them when they parade in good light! Enjoy your weekend and see you on monday!

8 thoughts on “Pride!

  1. What a beautiful photograph… an experience that I’ve always dreamed of capturing! Your photography is very inspiring!

  2. WOW…, what a ‘comeback’ photo…!!! Love it.
    It must have been nice to be stuck up North like that.
    Have a great weekend too Hannes.


  3. Hi Hannes,

    I saw this pride on Sunday morning just north of Nossob. The light wasn’t fantastic though! These cubs are really playfull and wouldn’t sit still for very long.Hoepfully got some good shots too.


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