Sky on Fire!

Good morning everyone!… The Kalahari sky was on fire again last night and I looked for objects to silhouette in front of the sky! Three ostriches came to the rescue just when I thought I wont get any animals! With a long neck and legs and the ability to run at maximum speeds of about 97.5 kilometres per hour, but here they just cruised and picked up little pebbles and grass-shoots! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Sky on Fire!

  1. Hi Hannes –
    Ek is Corne se pa (Johan & Bridgena Barnard se dogter en hy is ‘n “item”) Ons het met jou tydens Captured Exp daar langs die pad gesels.

    Ons kom met Corne en sy 2 broers Rooiputs toe 7,8 en 9 Julie – weet nie hoe om jou te kontak nie – laat weet as daar iets is wat ons vir jou kan saambring – epos sommer. Groete Johan

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