Blood Brothers!

Good morning everyone!… We bumped into these three cheetah up towards the Rooiputs area. These three males scent-marked almost every tree for 5 km, until they found a nice resting place for a couple of hours!┬áMales are often social and may group together for life, usually with their brothers in the same litter.┬áMales are territorial. Females’ home ranges can be very large and a territory including several females’ ranges is impossible to defend. Instead, males choose the points at which several of the females’ home ranges overlap, creating a much smaller space, which can be properly defended against intruders while maximising the chance of reproduction. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!




5 thoughts on “Blood Brothers!

  1. Hi Hannes ..hope you are well.

    Enjoy your feedback re sightings a lot..keep it up..

    We are in Twee Rivieren from the 14th..hope these cheetahs are still around..



  2. Befok! Wat `n voorreg om dit te kan doen!
    Great foto en dankie vir die inligting t.o.v. die gedragspatroon…

  3. Lovely photo, I also like the info you give…so people like me can learn something new. Thanks!

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