Leopard update!

Good morning everyone… What a busy weekend!!! We had my family here the last week and we are all stocked up again! We had salads, greens and loads of cooked foods, just like my mom use to make! MMMMM Lekker! We can go without food again for a month! Thanks to my family and all the entertainment of the little ones! And thanks to Shaun and Erica for all the braaing! It was nice sitting back for a while! But i had to work everyday and keep up with the leopards. The mom caught a Bat-eard Fox three days ago and a springbok last night. The father of the cubs pitched up this morning, but was chased off very quickly! Also a brown hyenas came to visit the den, while the mother was off hunting! Luckily they saw the hyena in time! A weekend full of action!

The photo of today is of one of the cubs and the mother,  my brother, Ryk and his wife Stefanie, And Shaun Waso, “The Braaimaster!”  Enjoy and see you tomorrow!








4 thoughts on “Leopard update!

  1. WOW! STUNNING foto!! Verseker sover een van my favourites sedert ek jou blog volg!
    Ek’s bly julle kon so lekker saam met die familie kuier!

    • Die foto’s van jou en Ryk-hulle is ook nice, maar bg comment is natuurlik t.o.v. die stunning luiperd foto!

  2. nothing like family! and awesome that they appreciate and venture to share a piece of your passion on your home”-turf” Hannes!
    Loved reading this blog.

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