Feeling Foxy!

Good morning everyone! I thought it was Friday yesterday, sorry , my mistake! Here in the bush you lose track of time sometimes! Today’s photo is a Cape Fox. The Cape Fox is nocturnal and it is mainly active at night and is most active just before dawn. or after dusk. The Cape Fox is an omnivorous animal, meaning that they will eat plants or animals. Although they prefer mainly invertebrates and small mammals such as mice and rats, they are opportunists and have hunted and eaten small lizards, rabbits, spiders, birds, and young hares. They will also eat eggs, beetle larvea, and carrion, as well as most insects or fruits. Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday!


6 thoughts on “Feeling Foxy!

  1. Aggghhhh hy lyk so oulik. Seker daarvan hy sal ‘n goeie troeteldiertjie uitmaak……….. Jammer, weet dis dalk nou nie wat jul will hoor nie, maar hy lyk dan tog te oulik! Hy sal nie enige jakkalssstreke kan uithaal nie.

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