What was the mystery animal!!

Good morning everyone! Yesterday’s mystery animal was indeed a Rock Hyrax (Procavia capensis, Rock Dassie), its a bit unusual to see them here in the Kalahari and in a tree as well. Hyraxes are preyed on by leopards, puff adders, caracals and eagles, and the occasional lion! I saw a lion chasing one the other day on the rocky outcrops in the riverbed north of Samevloeing waterhole. Hyraxes feed on a wide variety of different plants, and they are able to go for many days without water due to the moisture they obtain through their food. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


PS. Yango, we need to talk, a ‘giraffe’ you said! Mmmmmm, we seriously need to talk! Haha!


2 thoughts on “What was the mystery animal!!

  1. Hannes I dont know what animail this is ,but you were very close ,are you getting lonely.
    Dit reen weer indie Kaap vandag en is koud.

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