How many cats?

Good morning everyone, sorry about not posting yesterday! Was a bit busy with fieldwork! Seeing that we are on a quiz month, lets see how good your eyesight is!? How many wildcats in this photo? A female wildcat gives birth to two to six kittens, with three being average, and often rests, then gives birth in little caves or hollows in the ground. The gestation lasts between 56 and 69 days. The kittens are born blind and need the full care of the mother. Enjoy and see you on monday!


7 thoughts on “How many cats?

  1. I can see 4 cats, maar dit lyk soos ‘n groot flippin Pels Fishing Owl wie se kop daar uitsteek links van die rots agter die katjies in die middel van die foto.

  2. Ek sien 4, maar ja daar links agter die klip le en loer dalk nog een. Die ouens wat die uil sien het ‘n goeie verbeelding!

  3. I see 4, for sure, but there might be 3 more on the left-hand side of the picture…..

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