Steamy Ostrich!

Good morning everyone…Friday’s photo was indeed 4 wildcat! And only wildcats, no owls Andrew! Ha Ha, but its good to have an imagination. Today we have an ostrich dust-bathing. Dust baths are a necessity for some animals, like the ostrich, and serve to clean the feathers, skin, and prevent parasites. They cower close to the ground while taking a dust bath and wiggle their bodies. This will disperse loose soil in the air. The birds spread one or both wings. The dust bath is often followed by thorough shaking to ruffle the feathers. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Steamy Ostrich!

  1. Hannes,

    This is perfect! I really love it.
    I hope you are still doing well and that it is at least warming up a little.
    Hope to see you on our next visit.
    Jackie & Michael Tucker

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