Final Bird quiz no.6?

Good morning everyone, well done Colin, yesterdays quiz was indeed a  Saddle-billed Stork (Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis). This one was seen at Kwang waterhole and was a juvenile. Juveniles are browner grey in plumage. After a big rainy season they sometimes will be seen way out of their normal habitat, like the kalahari!

Today’s quiz is a thriller! Sorry! Lets see how you do? Good luck and see you tomorrow for the last quiz! Who is it going to be? Colin or Andrew? Im taking bets by the way!

10 thoughts on “Final Bird quiz no.6?

  1. Ok! This is crazy!!! An absolute shot in the dark is juvenile green pigeon?! 🙂 Good luck Andrew!

  2. A very young something.
    Not much to go by, but from the surroundings and pink colour my guess is a Crimson Breasted Shrike chick fallen out of a nest after trying to eat a Camelthorn pod ??

    Andrew’s on a trip to Eastern cape so don’t look to him for a response!

  3. More Hannes,
    Die voeltjie se koppie le op ‘n kameeldoringboom se saad, so ek raai, dis ‘s ‘n versamelvoel-kleintjie

  4. Very entertaining! I bet you are enjoying this Hannes!! My last guess is a Red Billed buffalo weaver chick…..

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