Bird Quiz Winner – Colin Wylie!

Well done Colin! Send me your details, and a book will be on its way soon! Yesterday’s winner was Dan de Vos! It was a Lanner Falcon and Burchell’s sandgrouse!

I share with you today the 2 big beach boys of the south!



4 thoughts on “Bird Quiz Winner – Colin Wylie!

  1. thank you hannes for keeping us busy and interested through your full day! blessings for the hot season.

  2. Hannes thanks that is awesome! Think the last time I won something was in std 7,a whole sheep!! Thanks also to all that took part and made the quiz worthwhile! Andrew, pity you where away these past couple of days things would have gone down to the wire for sure!!! Awesome!!!!

  3. Thanks, Hannes. Colin – your wins were a lot more impressive! Well done. I’m glad I had the excuse of being on the road – I wouldn’t have known the answers of those last few if I’d taken them myself!

    Hannes – when’s the next one?

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