Weekly update!

Good morning everyone! The  kalahari has been quiet this week due to lots of rain. Birds have been active and the Southern Masked Weaver or African Masked Weaver  (Ploceus velatus) are everywhere. The Wattled starlings are bathing in the puddles of water and the weavers are building nests to impress the ladies!

Males have several female partners, and build a succession of nests, typically 25 each season. The nests, like those of other weavers, are woven from reed, palm or grass. A female will line a selected nest with soft grass and feathers. The nest is built in a tree, often over water, but sometimes in suburbia. This weaver also nests in reeds. Eggs of the wrong colouration are ejected by the nest owners.

The lions, leopards and cheetah’s has been quiet this week, so hopefully now that is getting hotter, they will make there appearance again!


Weekly update!

Good morning everyone! The rain continues and the bugs are more than ever! The stinkbugs taste just as bad as they smell! Uggh! The grass is getting longer and the kalahari is turning into a paradise! The Cats tail’s flowers are slowly making their appearance and the Devils thorn flowers are everywhere! Kali and Luna disapeared for a week with all the rains, but this morning they were back in the riverbed. Oscar has been scarce, probably flirting with another female. The Beach boys are very active in the Kij Kij area and they are your best bet to see lions in the southern region.

The Yellow-billed kites are in abundance and hunting termites in the air! Great to see these acrobats at work! Enjoy and see you soon!

Lazy Lazy Lazy!

Good afternoon everyone! Been stuck in Upington with car trouble, had to get a new transfer box for the Landy! OUCH! The Landy purrs again and hopefully wont give us problems any time soon! Anyway, life goes on in the Kalahari, and the days are hot and humid, cloud cover every afternoon with heavy thunder and rainstorms in the evening! The first and last hour of the day are very important, because after the sun hits the dunes, everything that moves head for the shade, including the tourists! We share with you today a lazy, but comfortable male lion, too lazy to go to the loo, and just letting go! Why? King of the jungle of course!

Cheers and see you soon!


Weekly update!

Good morning everyone, the kalahari is turning into a paradise! The grass is getting longer and the riverbeds are transforming into green fields with yellow flowers! Also thunder and lightning storms are frequent, almost every day in the late afternoon! The heat is unbearable at times, and if you in a tent like us, its a uncomfortable and sweaty affair!!!!

The bugs are increasing, especially at night. The storks & bustards are loving the grasshoppers, so is the Spotted Eagle Owls, as seen in the photograph below!!!!!! If u want to come to the kalahari for birding, beginning march is the best time!! Enjoy and see you soon!