Good morning everyone, been busy with photo-safaris again, but were back in action again! The kalahari is getting cold again and we had a -7 degrees up at Nossob and a -4 in Twee Rivieren last week! Brrrrrrrrr. The veld is alive with cheetahs at the moment, and also the young male leopard is very entertaining, we decided to call him Milo! Here is a cheetah peeking from behind his paw, enjoy and see you soon!


Stalking doves!

Good afternoon everyone, its been a busy week regarding cheetah’s, and also wildcats, every day we see around ten or more. The big male lions of the Rooiputs area are mating again, and we bumped into Luna close to Leeudril, looks like she is hiding in the dunes, the cubs should arrive any day now! The young male leopard we have been seen in the Rooiputs area is still in the area and he tried to stalk doves that was drinking water inside the dam, while balancing on the fibre-glass edge! He was very unstable and entertained us for quite a while! Enjoy and see you soon!


Leopard update!

Good day everyone, were back in Twee Rivieren after 3 Photographic Safaris, and we will be posting regularly for the next 3 weeks. It has been a good month for game-viewing with sightings of basically everything you find in the park. It’s cooling down a lot and the average temperature in the mornings in the river valley is 5-7 degrees. We found two new leopards in the south, just show you how elusive they can be! Both young, around 12 months old. A male in the Rooiputs area and a female north of Auchterlonie picnic site. We share with you a couple of photos of the last month. Enjoy and see you soon!

Young male lion at Xaus Lodge!

Young male of Rooiputs.

Young female of Auchterlonie.

The Photo-safari of last week! Thanks Johan, Adriaan, Kim, Joan, Pat & Karin for a great time at Xaus Lodge! (Photo by Noa Koefler)