Good morning everyone! The eland are back in the South African side of the Park in big groups. In the last year and a half we had no eland sightings, so this was quiete special! We saw them on the southern dune road around the Tierkop area. An interesting fact about  Eland herds are that they are accompanied by a loud clicking sound that has been subject to considerable speculation. It is believed that the weight of the animal causes the two halves of its hooves to splay apart, and the clicking is the result of the hoof snapping together when the animal raises its leg. The sound carries some distance from a herd, and may be a form of communication. Enjoy and see you soon!




2 thoughts on “Elanddrive!

  1. Hi Dave! mmmmmmmm there is about 3 in the southern triangle so its good to know they are back! also saw a group of about 50 last night in Samevloeing!!!!!! All well that side? and survived your reunion?

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