Kalahari Love!

Good morning everyone, the lion prides have slowly moved towards the dunes, because of the cold ( -9 degrees C. last week!) . It’s a little hotter in the dunes than in the river-valley % degrees C.)! Lion and cheetah sightings in the south is less than usual. But the wildcats are everywhere, I drive daily past about 10 or more. There is also regular sightings of caracal north of Leeudril. The eland populations are increasing, but still very skittish! Here is a photo taken at Melkvlei picnic site, this big pride of about 11 was taking over the picnic site and was jumping on the tables and chasing each other around the toilets. Lots of laughter to see these young lions performing. While the little ones were playing, mom and dad were working on the next generation! Enjoy and see you soon!

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