Final Countdown!

Good morning everyone, we are in our last week here in the Park, so lots of packing in the next few days. It is unbelievable how much stuff you accumulate over a period of two years! Hopefully, we get a goodbye present, and bump into Luna with her two cubs or O’scar, the father of the cubs.
The riverbeds are still littered with eland remains and the jackal is walking around with full bellies. There is also two new male lion in the area, a yellow mane & a beautiful young black mane! We share with you today one of those two males on a dune close to Leeudril waterhole. Enjoy and see you next week for our last blog of this year!

Mufasa’s son!

Good morning everyone! Things are heating up in the kalahari, we had a few days of 40 degrees Celsius, and we also had our first big dust-storm, also thunderstorms, hail and rain! We are in our final month and still lots to do! Hopefully we get everything we need for the publications!
While driving up to the Rooiputs area a few days ago, one of Mufasa’s sons walked past us, he is busy turning into a ‘monster!’, he’s one of the most beautiful lions we have ever seen. Just like his dad! Enjoy and see you soon!