Mufasa’s son!

Good morning everyone! Things are heating up in the kalahari, we had a few days of 40 degrees Celsius, and we also had our first big dust-storm, also thunderstorms, hail and rain! We are in our final month and still lots to do! Hopefully we get everything we need for the publications!
While driving up to the Rooiputs area a few days ago, one of Mufasa’s sons walked past us, he is busy turning into a ‘monster!’, he’s one of the most beautiful lions we have ever seen. Just like his dad! Enjoy and see you soon!

4 thoughts on “Mufasa’s son!

  1. Hi there Hannes nice to be in the Kalahari.
    That is for sure one of the most beautiful animals I have seen myself.
    You can see he has not had many fights yet but I am sure he will have to contend with war soon

  2. hi Hannes. Kan nie meer wag nie ons vertrek na ons geliefde Kgalagadi 8 Des! Het jou raakgeloop op 2Rivieren in Jan met ons laaste besoek.

    Na ons mening die mooiste plek op aarde!

    Groete eers!

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