Kalahari Photographic Safaris – 2014

Hallo everyone, it’s time to have some fun in the Kalahari.

We put a few trips out in March before we disappear for our new project in April. We will be back in November for a month as well! These are the dates for photographic safaris in the Kalahari this year. We will be staying at the new Ta Shebube Lodge www.tashebube.com in the Rooiputs area. 4 – 6 people per safari. (minimum of 4)

This workshop includes:

Accommodation at Ta Shebube.
Transfer from Main Gate (Twee Rivieren) to Lodge.
All – meals, tea and coffee, wine with dinner.
Conservation Fees.
All game viewing activities in an open game viewer – 2 gamedrives per day
Photographic Tutoring

Let us know if you are interested.

13-17 March
20-24 March
27-31 March
3-7 April

23-27 October
29 October-3 November
6-10 November
13-17 November
20-24 November

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NEW!!!! iPad App of ‘The Dark Side of the Kalahari’ AVAILABLE now on iTunes!!


Now this NEW publication is available in an interactive form. Made for iPad and iPad mini and with gorgeous retina graphics you can carry this publication with you wherever you go. The publication has been enriched with videos, made by professional wildlife camera woman Noa Köfler, as well as with interactive maps, with slideshows and wikipedia information. The entire publication can be switched between the English and Afrikaans languages.
A behind the scenes section will show you what working in the Kalahari is like through several videos and slideshows.
Dynamic slideshows illustrating different groups of animals can be generated to use your iPad as a photo frame.
For your information all camera settings have been included for the main publication’s photos and as you can bookmark these pages you are interested in, you can easily locate and consult this information for your learning and photographic improvement.
Also an extra 360 unpublished bonus photos have been included for your enjoyment.

Where available you can instantly buy gorgeous A0-Size prints from selected photos. All Hannes’ printed publications are also available to buy through the app. Purchases are processed securely inside the app using PayPal Mobile.