Rough Start!

As a new adventures begins, there will always be delays and frustrations. Just as we were about to start our new project our ‘Ark’ gave problems, after waiting for a few weeks for parts, we were packed and off we went, just to be delayed by more vehicle problems. Three days in the field and more parts arrived with a bush plane. After years in the Kalahari, dust and no water, now water crossings are also a daily routine. By now I know the under carriage of the Landy extremely well! The first 60 days we had probably 2 productive weeks out in the field. Very frustrating, but slowly we are getting into rhythm, vehicle is still not 100% but it’s behaving a lot better! Also the import of vehicles and all the little details that needs to be fine-tuned takes time! Africa! The sightings has also been quiet, seeing that the grass is still very high. But frequent wildog sightings. They are amazing animals and to see them a huge privilege. The Delta is diverse in every way and there is so much to photograph! Soon we will settle in and getting to know this wonderful waterway of Africa. We are still exploring all the different areas and corners of the Delta. Trying to find the most productive areas for photography and filming. Up to now ellies are plenty-full, seeing up to hundreds a day and they are everyday in our campsite.

ellie & lightning3

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