The Adventure Continue

The last month the sightings has increased a little and hoping things will turn around to even better and more regular sightings. I also found a wilddog den with 2 pups. Lots of water still, thank goodness for the snorkel on the vehicle. Also very thick sand and the roads are not particular great for game-driving, but you get used to it eventually. The hyenas are getting a bit more adventurous and got into our kitchen the other night. What a mess they made. Elephants are daily visitors in our camp, and the hippos are out even in the middle of the day grazing around the camp. We also had a few lions through the camp, snoozing just 30 meters from us. I tried to follow 3 big male lions a few evenings ago and try and stay with them till morning, so I can get them in the beautiful morning-light. They took me 5 km from any road, and after I lost them when they crossed a swampy area around midnight, I tried to make my way back to the closest road. Three hours later and driving through some serious bush, my GPS and ‘tracks for africa” app. got me to a road with 1% power left on the phone, with no charger in the car. Phew! Just made it. You can get stuck very easily for days in this area. A tourist was stuck for 3 days in water with his family, and was only rescued on day 4. Also two hired Toyota hilux vehicles was drowned at a water crossing 3 km from our camp. The adventure continues.


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