The Squirrelhunter

Good afternoon everyone, things are rolling along, and the sightings are SLOOOOOOWLY getting better. It’s getting hotter so the elephants, especially the breeding herds are more frequent at all the water-points. We share with you today a young leopard that was chasing squirrels. Amazing seeing these agile creatures in action. We haven’t really had winter yet, or maybe this is winter here. The coldest I had was 4 degrees. What a pleasure in compare with the Kalahari (coldest -12°C). So things are heating up, and the hyenas are getting to be a handful in our camp. Made a mess in our kitchen again and ripped off a few pieces of rubber on our game-drive vehicle. Naughty cubs. And there is three of them. Everynight clockwork looking for trouble!
Anyway enjoy and see you soon.


2 thoughts on “The Squirrelhunter

  1. Fantasties. Ja dis harde werk om so n foto te kry. Ons is op pad gaan vandag via Twyfelfontein,Etosha en Dan Botswana. Geniet dit. Jou fotos is pragtig

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