Golden Leopard

Good morning everyone. Things are heating up sighting-wise and also in temperature. We are into the forties already and the shady sausage tree we live under, just lost all its leaves and we had almost no shade for a while. Luckily the new leaves comes out quick, with the blooming of the red flowers. Elephants around our camp are getting a bit more friendly, they were a bit skittish at first. Last week our sausage tree were surrounded by nine elephants enjoying the fallen leaves and long grass around our tent. Magical. Wilddogs left a, what was left of an impala kill, in our ‘driveway’, so they killed it just after we left for a gamedrive earlier that morning. They did stay in the area the whole day just to be chased around by elephants when the sun was setting, around our camp, absolutely havoc. Dust,dogs & lots of trumpeting! We also fell in love with a very small leopard female in our area. Herewith a picture of her in the golden hours of the day, high up in a sausage tree. Enjoy.


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