Hannes is a multi-award-winning photographer who has been a professional wildlife photographer since 2007.

He has always been fascinated by the arid regions of southern Africa, and the Kalahari was on top of his list. His name is synonymous with the Kgalagadi in general- and leopards in particular.

Hannes has produced five magnificent photographic collections, three of which were dedicated entirely to the Kalahari. To achieve this, he lived in the Kalahari for six years, where he spent hundreds of hours capturing inspiring images of this captivating landscape and its enigmatic inhabitants.

Hannes has an extraordinary talent for composition and his wizardry with light allows him to create photographs that communicate the essence of the animals and landscapes telling their story. It is his passion for the art that enables him to stand out as a master in an era where photography has become everyman‘s game. It is his mastery of the art that enables him to continually create photographic volumes that one simply can‘t overlook.

Hannes has been recognized internationally receiving several awards over several years from the prestigious BBC‘s Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and Natures Best Awards, SIPA etc. – competitions. Also a great number of his photos and articles have been published in both national South African press as well as in well known international publications.

The books Hannes has published so far are: Colours of Southern Africa, Colours of the Kalahari and The Dark Side of the Kalahari, Kalahari Phototips : Photographer on Location and Planet Okavango.

Noa Köfler, his wife, joined him in 2010 to do all the film work on the “Dark Side of the Kalahari” project, for example “A day in a Wildlife Photographers Life” & the Promo video of the third, fourth and fifth publication.

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  1. Hi, I’m wondering if you have additional information you can send on your photo safaris. Are they small group safaris? I am especially interested in the Kalahari. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Margo, did I ever get back to you during these crazy times? Let me know your email and Ill mail you everything you need.

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