Flowers for the Lady

Hi all…so I have a little correction to make from yesterday as my good friend, Phil Hockey, pointed out, the one bird shot is actually of a Steppe Buzzard. Sorry folks! I even get them mixed up sometimes as I am indeed not a bird expert, just a wildlife photographer. Might be laying off the bird photo posts for a little while now though…thanks Phil ­čśë Haha.

Today I have a photograph to share with you of a lovely little lady lioness lying in the green green grass that is around now, surrounded by flowers. What lady doesn’t enjoy this right?! She looks happy and content amongst her Devils Thorn Flowers. For those of you that are interested in photography, this shot was taken with my┬áNikon D3s and┬áNikon 300mm f2.8.

Take a look and let me know what you think…

Just quickly…I am also wondering if any of you know of a high-quality, reputable, wildlife-specific stock photography site that I could possibly use to sell my images?? Any info is always welcome so comment back to me on this or feel free to e-mail me at: Thanks guys and cheers til tomorrow.

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