Spot the Leopard

Hi all…its that favourite day of the week again-Friday and it is also one of my favourite days because I get to share one of my black and white images with you all. Today’s photograph is a little bit of a puzzle for you as well. There is a leopard in this magnificently huge Camelthorn Tree that you need to try to find. Some people spot it instantly, and have obviously had lots of practice with this in the bush before, where others take quite a while. For those who are interested, this photograph was taken with my Nikon D3 and Nikon 17-55mm f2.8.

Lets see how well you do…

Enjoy the weekend people and don’t forget to get yourselves outdoors for a bit. Cheers til Monday…

4 thoughts on “Spot the Leopard

  1. As die luiperd is waar ek dink hy is, dan is dit ‘n MASSIEWE boom waarin hy is! 10 uit 10 vir jou wat hom in die eerste plek raakgesien het!!

  2. Found him – great black & white photo. Not to mention you’re right… this is MAGNIFICENTLY HUGE TREE!

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