Lazy Days

Hi all…Friday is here again! This is very good news for most of us. In traditional Friday fashion I have another black and white photograph to share with you all today. It is one of my favourite subject again at the moment-the leopard. This image pretty much epitomizes what I wish I could be doing the whole weekend. There is just something about the way its body is draped over the branch that seems like pure relaxation. In a tree, the leopard knows that is not as vulnerable as if it was on the ground and can therefore afford to unwind a little bit. The chin resting on another little branch as if it was a pillow and the tail completely flopped down behind the thick branch – *sigh*, I want to be this leopard right now. Still not 100% trusting of me, it still has its eyes on me, even if it is through slits.

Take a look and let me know what you think…

I hope that your weekends allow you all to have some relaxing time like this leopard in the tree. Enjoy it and cheers til Monday!

3 thoughts on “Lazy Days

  1. Hi Janine, no this is not that female everyone is use to, this is one more in the north. She is actually still a young one, about 12 months old.
    Best regards!

  2. the leopard looks familiar; have seen and photographed it at the very same spot;-) ..where i met you as well.
    great photos …really like your blog
    you´re invited to have a look at my blog too.
    greets from europe

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