Black & White Friday!

Good afternoon everyone… This is one of the young males of Samevloeiing and in pursuit of  prey! I’ve seen these lions hunt the last couple of months without great success! They still have to fine tune their hunting

skills. Its great fun watching them though! Young lions first display stalking behaviour around three months of age, although they do not participate in hunting until they are almost a year old. They begin to hunt effectively when nearing the age of two.

Take a look and let me know what you think…

Cheers til tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Black & White Friday!

  1. Hi Hannes. Ever since my first visit to Kgalagadi three years ago, this has to be top on my list of destinations for anyone who needs to step away from the hectic metropolitan lifestyle to enjoy peace and quite a the beauty of nature. Since then, I religiously spend my mid-year break there, and am currently counting down the days to 13th June when I will be leaving before sunrise to spend 3 weeks in your world. I have been following following your blog for the last 7 months or so everyday as a reminder of why I love it so very much. Even my colleagues at work ask what is happening there every day. Your photographs are enthralling. I especially enjoy the fact that you include so much of the landscape into your wildlife images as today you see alot of wildlife images focused on getting as close as possible to the subjects. Thank you for reminding me every day for what I have to look forward to.

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