Good morning everyone… Hope you all had a great Easter weekend. Things are getting cold up here in the kalahari, and the animals are normally less active when so cold.

Birdlife on the other hand is always good! Here i share with you a juvenile Bateleur. The Bateleur is a colourful species with a very short tail which makes it unmistakable in flight. “Bateleur” is French for tight-rope-walker. This name describes the bird’s characteristic habit of tipping the ends of its wings when flying, as if catching its balance. Here we have a immature Bateleur, but you can see the beak and feet are changing into the colours of the adult. Immature birds are brown with white dappling and have greenish facial skin. It takes them seven or eight years to reach full maturity.

Cheers till tomorrow!

One thought on “Teenager!

  1. Nice Shot. Juveniles always interesting for debate and much checking books. Up there for 8 days from 4 may.
    In a Sand Disco 3 CA reg. Shall watch out for you.

    Very Cold at night? We are in tented camps

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