Bark is worse than it’s bite!

Good afternoon everyone!… Everything is cooling down at the moment, last week it was 1 degree Celsius, and the winter is not even here yet! You here a lot of barking geckos in the summer when its hot, but a lot less when its colder. We bumped into this little one last night after spending some time at a hyena den.. He was running around underneath our spotlight, catching insects thats drawn to the light! “Barking Geckos are limited to the arid western parts of southern africa. These little guys are heard more than they are seen. You can hear them every-night, but can you see them? Noooooo not easily, they are very small, this one was about 3cm long . The calls of these little reptiles signal sunset and for all living in the Kalahari, this means also that another hot day is ending and that the coolness of the night has arrived. The males call on most summer nights to attract mates. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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