Misty Kalahari!

Good morning everyone! Like we mentioned on friday, its getting very cold in the early mornings here in the Kalahari at the moment, and there is a little mist hanging over the riverbed this time of the day. The animals, especially the big cats prefer the dunes that time of the day, its about 4 degrees hotter in the dunes than in the riverbed! The great thing about this time of year is that the big cats are more active in the late hours of the morning and even in the middle of the day! We were watching a leopard last week that was stalking in the middle of the day and followed her around all day, she never slept one minute! In the hot season things change drastically, they sleep almost the whole day! Today’s photo is of a wildebeest early at sunrise with a bit of mist in the riverbed! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Misty Kalahari!

  1. man maar dit is lekker om jou goedjies te lees! al nadeel is die verlange!!
    Groete en liefde

  2. Vir al daai koue wat julle moet trotseer verdien julle sowaar om heeldag groot katte te kan sien!

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