Leopard update!

Good morning everyone! Well done Dan Hugo!  It was the Elanus caeruleus (Blackshouldered kite). Blouvalk [Afrikaans], and the juvenile Melierax gabar (Gabar goshawk), Witkruissperwer (Kleinsingvalk) [Afrikaans]. So we came to the end of the first bird quiz and Andrew Stegman winning this month with three correct answers, we will have another one next month!

The leopard mom, Luna and the cubs has been scarce the last 2 weeks, except for old Oscar, the father of the cubs, he was marking his territory yesterday. There is a lot of lion activity in the river, and they probably went into the dunes, it’s very difficult to track them in the dunes, because of the long grass, but im sure we’ll find them soon. Here’s a photo of old Oscar cruising along a ridge in Black & White!

Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


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