Beach Boy cubs!

Good morning everyone, its been a very quiet week/month in the park, haven’t downloaded any pictures this month at all! Hopefully things will change soon, they normally do, you’ll get a quiet month and then within a day or two, a person gets incredible sightings everywhere! There is a female part of the southern pride that gave birth to two cubs a few weeks ago, and they are very entertaining! Just like kids, walking is not an option! Moms legs and steps is way to long for their little legs, so they keep on slacking behind and refuse to walk any further! After a while mom returns and spend the rest of the time under a bush while they suckle! By the way, this is the first offspring of one of the Beach boys! Still no leopards!! Enjoy and see you soon!


8 thoughts on “Beach Boy cubs!

  1. Baie nice,het die Beach Boy trop begin Maart ontmoet
    stuur groete vir hulle stuur asb weer fotos soos hulle aangaan.Cheers

  2. Ag hulle is te sweet..!!!! Wat het van Luna geword..Lekker dag vir julle….Groetnis…!!!

  3. Stunning pics Hannes, is one of the two lions on Getaway’s cover for April possibly the father? Notices you took the pics at Samevloeing. See you in two weeks time.

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