Black & White Friday

Hi all…ok so today I might have lied a little in the title of this post because the photograph I am sharing with you today is not actually black and white. It is more of an ‘arty’ one though because it is one of this beautiful big male lion completely silhouetted by the setting sun. The only other colour in this photo, besides the black, is the deep orange-red cast by the setting sun in the background. As lions do, this male is having a good yawn whilst waking up after a nice long day of relaxing (all tongue and teeth). Who knows what he got up to on his night journey. I really like this one and I hope you do too.

Take a look and let me know what you think…

From us here in the Kalahari, have a safe and relaxing weekend and remember to get outdoors sometime. Cheers til Monday.

3 thoughts on “Black & White Friday

  1. Hi Hannes,
    My hobby is photography, and your pics are a real inspiration to all guys like me. I have visited the Kgalagadi twice before and yes, I am hooked…. Was at Rooiputz in April 2010, and spent some time with Rudi…
    Is he still staying there?

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