Intimate Embrace PG13

Hi all…the photograph I am sharing with you today is of some different cat behaviour – other than stalking. As you can see it is of a couple of lions mating. This ritual is known for being loud, quick, repetitive and unsuccessful. Mating of one couple generally lasts for about four days.  Copulation lasts about 30-70 seconds and is repeated once every 25 minutes during the four day period. It is an intense period for them as they dedicate all their time to it and do not even eat. I mentioned that it is loud as the lions roar for different reasons: the male roars when he ejaculates and the female because of the pain she feels when the male withdraws from her. He has backwards-pointing spines on his penis that scrape her. It sounds like a pretty gory story but works for them I guess. Nature is crazy that way. There are so many various animals with weird and wonderful behaviours that they have developed over time. Anyway, hopefully there will be some little baby lions (cubs) running around here soon. On a different note, I really like the green dotted around them in this photograph as this is pretty rare up here.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Have a wonderful day further.

3 thoughts on “Intimate Embrace PG13

  1. Also liked the P13 LOL ! A Dedicated couple they are for sure ! A great shot Hannes. You mention the green around them…as you might recall we were there in Dec and just started to see the changes as the rains came down. On our way out we started to see bright yellow blankets of duiweltjies everywhere. I’d give anything to see what it looks like now, so a few landscapes will not go amiss, well not with me anyway….would really love to see what it looks like now because all the Nerines and Drie dorings will be in bloom now….ai tog, hoe verlang ek nou !

  2. Great foto!

    Ek was gelukkig genoeg om ‘n soortgelyke “toneel” in Kglagadi te sien. Vir ‘n hele dag lank, naby die een ruskamp!


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