Springbok kill!

Good day everyone!… We had a busy weekend, the lions are back in the south, meaning our leopard that we are following will be very scarce! If there is lion movement you normally don’t see any leopards. We bumped into a pride of five young lions late on Friday evening, and we thought its going to be a lazy evening for them as usual! SO WRONG!! A group of about 200 springbok were grazing about a 100 meters from the lions and one of the females started stalking, she just ran from about 30 meters straight into the herd and struck a springbok with her paw, the springbok never moved after the hard blow, the female grabbed it behind the head just to make sure! Shows you the power these big cats packs in just one blow! The other four were soon on the seen and devoured the whole springbok within five minutes! It was an incredible show! Sad for the springbok, but its part of the cycle of wildlife! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Springbok kill!

  1. Circle of life is always so sad to see, but that is the way of the wild. Good one Hannes.

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