Roll along!

Good morning everyone!…Dung beetles are beetles that feed partly or exclusively on faeces! Here the beetle is rolling the leftovers of a lion! We’ve only seen this twice in the last 5 years here in the kalahari. Most dung beetles search for dung using their sensitive sense of smell. Sometimes dung beetles will try to steal the dung ball off another beetle, so the dung beetles have to move rapidly away from a dung pile once they have rolled their ball to prevent it from being stolen. Dung beetles can roll up to 50 times their weight. The “rollers” roll and bury a dung ball either for food storage or for making a brooding ball. Usually it is the male that rolls the ball, with the female hitch-hiking or simply following behind. In some cases the male and the female roll together. When a spot with soft soil is found, they stop and bury the dung ball. They will then mate underground. After the mating, both or one of them will prepare the brooding ball. When the ball is finished, the female lays eggs inside it.


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  1. hi,hannes we are watching mark tatum finished there 20 day cycle today .take care eastwood shaun

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