Good morning everyone… The big male of the south is still missing! Mufasa hasn’t been seen for almost 3 months, so we think the worst! But you never know! He might be off on a extended holiday somewhere in the Botswana dunes! Especially with the cold, its almost  4 degrees hotter in the dunes than in the riverbed! Today’s photo is of the new young male that has been mating with a female in the Leeudril and Rooiputs area. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “Mates!

  1. Hi Hannes
    That is a great shot! Keep them coming, your updates make life in the City bearable.
    Peter Jones

  2. the ants in my pants are so getting so itchy!! can’t wait to be in Kgalagadi next month! i can smell the atmosphere you capture.. “Incredibly” inspirational

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