Good morning everyone… When the south of the Park is quiet we like to drive up towards Kamqua picnic-site, there at Rooibrak waterhole are two huge Black-maned lions, and we see them regularly ! The pride consist out of 3 cubs, a female and the two big boys!

To me, the Black-maned lions look so much more powerful and fierce than their golden mane counterparts. Coming face-to-face with a Kalahari Black-maned lion in the Park is an experience to cherish. This species is said to have been the strongest and biggest. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!



6 thoughts on “Blackbeard!

  1. Wow, what a stunning shot! I would love to draw this photo and so many others you have taken. If I had you as a source I would never want for reference material.

  2. “Great Shots” Wens ek kon daar wees weg van die stad se gewoel. Dit is elke dag ‘n hoogtepunt om jou fotos te kan sien. Hou aan stuur!

  3. Hy’s voorwaar pragtig! Ek verlang so terug na die Kalahari – dit maak seer. Jou foto’s maak my dag!

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