Bird Quiz no.5?

Good morning everyone! Well done Andrew Stegman &  Sue James!! Another one for Andrew, which had the finger on the buzzer the quickest!! Yesterdays mystery bird was indeed a Oena capensis (Namaqua dove), Namakwaduifie [Afrikaans]! It was caught just outside our tent! We’ve seen them kill snakes, rats, mice, lizards and birds, they are exceptionally good hunters! Ok the bird in today’s quiz is a LBJ (Little Brown Job), good luck and see you on monday!

PS. This one for you, Luke!



10 thoughts on “Bird Quiz no.5?

  1. I was tempted to say Familiar Chat, but cannot see it’s tail and am guessing you it was KTP, sooo, assuming it has not read it should not be up that far, I will have a stab at Sickle-winged Chat !

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