Weekly update!

Good morning everyone, its been a very hot week, in the lower 40’s, but we also had some good rain, thunder and windstorms. The veld is turning beautifully green and there are millions of bugs! The devil’s Thorn flowers are blooming, and the kites are enjoying all the termites! On the animal front, Kali is growing up fast, and Luna have mated with Oscar again! Hopefully in 3 months we’ll have more cubs, lets keep our fingers crossed! The southern pride had a successful hunt in the Samevloeiing area and the Beach Boys from Kij Kij are mating all over the place! The one male from Kij Kij, as seen below has grown big sideburns, almost reminds us of Elvis! Anyway enjoy and see you soon!!!



Lionkill at Samevloeiing.

Brown hyena in green grass.


6 thoughts on “Weekly update!

  1. Only 5/10 for these three – you cannot see ANY EYES – remember Hannes, its the EYES that are important!
    We’re watching you – (with envy!)

    Regards to Noa

  2. Cant see the eyes, but my what big teeth you have Elvis!
    We missed you at the weskus this weekend Hannes .A good time was had by all celebrating your and Eastwoods birthdays. x

  3. Het gister in Buite Burger die pragtige fotos van Kali gesien.Geniet die park en als wat dit bied!Groete

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