Weekly update!

Good morning everyone! The  kalahari has been quiet this week due to lots of rain. Birds have been active and the Southern Masked Weaver or African Masked Weaver  (Ploceus velatus) are everywhere. The Wattled starlings are bathing in the puddles of water and the weavers are building nests to impress the ladies!

Males have several female partners, and build a succession of nests, typically 25 each season. The nests, like those of other weavers, are woven from reed, palm or grass. A female will line a selected nest with soft grass and feathers. The nest is built in a tree, often over water, but sometimes in suburbia. This weaver also nests in reeds. Eggs of the wrong colouration are ejected by the nest owners.

The lions, leopards and cheetah’s has been quiet this week, so hopefully now that is getting hotter, they will make there appearance again!


11 thoughts on “Weekly update!

  1. Good thing that thorn points out of the nest and not into it. Could give you a nasty surprise on your bum!
    Great photo.
    Would be an awesome MTN advert photo if you could get the bird to hold an MTN sim-card in its feet while it did this 😉

  2. Wow, dit is ‘n pragtige foto. Die Kaapse Weaver maak altyd hulle neste in ons Koorsboom hier in Sedgefield.
    Ons kom middel Maart lekker kuier in die Kalagadi.

  3. Beautiful photo – Ahhhhh the eyes.
    See we’re watching you

    By the way I dunno how to send you a photo, but I happen to have one very similar one and blow me down it’s got an MTN Sim card.! I’ll send it to you by e-mail

    Trust you & Noa are enjoying the cooler weather

  4. Dankie, dankie nou sien ek die nesbouery van naby!Altyd net uit my kombuisvenster moes tuur om die betrywigheid in die palm oorkant die straat dop e hou.

  5. Stunning pic Hannes,kalahari looking awesome! We’re coming up from PE on the 10 April,if there’s anything you need,please shout and we’ll bring up for you!

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