Final Countdown!

Good morning everyone, we are in our last week here in the Park, so lots of packing in the next few days. It is unbelievable how much stuff you accumulate over a period of two years! Hopefully, we get a goodbye present, and bump into Luna with her two cubs or O’scar, the father of the cubs.
The riverbeds are still littered with eland remains and the jackal is walking around with full bellies. There is also two new male lion in the area, a yellow mane & a beautiful young black mane! We share with you today one of those two males on a dune close to Leeudril waterhole. Enjoy and see you next week for our last blog of this year!

6 thoughts on “Final Countdown!

  1. Must be a kak feeling finishing off. Looking forward to seeing the product of your labours – we must also brainstorm how to get it out to the world. Guys following your blog must be a good resource for ideas or networks to share what you do. Maybe we can drive a campaign through the Facebook page.

    Miskien ‘n biertjie in die Kaap to brainstorm ideas.

    Spectacular photo – if you’d stayed on, you could have called this chap Obama!

  2. Fantastic photo. All the best for the last week and finalising the project. Cant wait to see the final product.

  3. Stunning photos – I have 2 of your books and Look forward to the next one. In those two years you have made some absolutely amazing pictures I’m so looking forward to the new book. I will certainly buy it and show it to all the people in the northern Hemisphere! Thanks for letting us participate through your pictures in your travels and adventures.

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