Bushlife 101.

Good morning everyone, after our first month out in the field, were slowly settling in. After getting stuck in mud, water crossings, sand, punctures and and and… were getting to know the area well. Although we hear a lot of predator action, sometimes they are on islands not accessible for vehicles! Found leopards with cubs, lions roaring every night and beautiful cheetahs on the open plains close to Third Bridge. Hyenas in the camp and plenty of other game on the plains. Even saw a beautiful sable bull today and a 1000 buffalo cruising through our camp, the smell still lingers! LOL ! Were quickly re-supplying in Maun today and in 2 days I’m back in the bush! Its great to finally start to work on our project, after so many delays. Anyways, here is an aerial shot of our base.

Screen Shot Camp 3rd Bridge_2 copy

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