Rough & Tumble

Hi all…today’s photo is just a fun one. I came across these 2 yellow mongooses having a little play-fighting session. They are both males and having some fun playing with each other in the always-striking orange/red Kalahari sand. These guys are cute with their triangle-shaped faces and pointy noses. What makes them more distinctive is their reddish-yellow coat and white-tipped brushy tails that they seem to drag along the ground behind them when running around. The one on the ground actually seems to have quite a snarl on him but I assure you that they were only play-fighting, I hope. I love trying to capture that moment when two small animals are playing where one is in the air somehow and the other underneath. This is tricky to do as the timing has to be spot on but it is so worth it as the ‘facial’ expressions of them are usually really great. They either look like they are really enjoying themselves, or bracing for the impact of the other.

Take a look at the fun being had…

Just a little thank you from me for all the comments from you guys. I really enjoy reading them. I can’t always reply so forgive me for that but after all, I am in the middle of the bush so connectivity is not that easy. Also I get sent the Facebook ones from my team at home if I don’t physically see them myself so thanks to all of you for those too!

Cheers ’til tomorrow.

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