Hi all…almost the weekend for those of you that are in offices and waiting to be free. I must say, I do find it difficult to keep track of what day it is here but this blog helps. Since it is almost lunchtime when I am writing this, I decided to share this photo with you guys today of a yellow-billed hornbill catching a locust to munch and crunch on. These birds always remind me of Zazu from the Lion King. I was impressed by this one in managing to catch a locust as they mainly feed from the ground on spiders, scorpions and other small insects. I think it was probably proud if itself too as this locust is quite a substantial meal for it.

Take a look and let me know what you think…

Enjoy your lunchtimes, whatever you do and Cheers until tomorrow.

One thought on “Mmm…Lunch!

  1. Thanks Hannes, that reminds me of what we had for dinner last night, grasshoppers of the sea, Georgia shrimp. Your folks and Jeanne all say hi and we are enjoying your blog.

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