The boys are back!

Good morning everyone, the south has 2 dominant males again! They have been up and down the southern triangle, Kij Kij to Twee Rivieren and up towards Auchterlonie and they have been chasing females all over the place! They are looking extremely goooood! Approaching there prime in a couple of years they will surely be massive, also, the black manes started to develop as well. Here they shows the characteristic grimace of the Flehmen response. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “The boys are back!

    • Hi Hannes I have photos of 1 of the boys mating with the lioness with a inverted u marking at Rooiputs in late April.Will be at Rooiputs on 2nd Sept for 5 nights

  1. Hi Hannes,
    Not sure if the competition is still running, but in this photo I can see 2 male lions 😉

  2. Baie bly om hylle te sien, ragtige foto, geniet dit altyd as ekiets van jou ontvang, lekker dag daar groete Anet

  3. Ja wel……… ek enige van die wyfies in die omgewing was het ek nie net gehol nie……….ek sou sommer ‘n rustiger blyplek gaan soek het………..

  4. Sjoe… dis ‘n pragtige foto! Dit laat my dink aan die mannetjie was ons Desember verlede jaar in Mabuasehube gesien het – aan die Botswana kant. Jy is inderdaag ‘n gelukkige man!

  5. It’s the first time I have visited your blog and the photographs are stunning and the commentary so interesting. Thank you. I shall be checking in daily.

  6. Die “beach boys” by Rooiputs het ons in April laat lig slaap saans. Kom oor 2 weke weer Rooiputs toe. Kan nie wag nie. Dalk al vir Mfasa gesien? Ons het so ‘n mooi foto van hom. Wonder of hy nog lewe.

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