A hyena clan take a soak after a hot day. They love chilling out in the water cooling off and to get rid of parasites. I spent a month at this waterhole and only manage to see this once. Elephants are very protective over the water in the dry season and chased the hyena off soon after the image was taken.
This is one single RAW frame and not a double exposure.

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle…

“In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle…

If I look at this picture, that I photographed through thick bush, I can’t but think of the song, “In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle…”the same song me and Noa danced on our first song at our wedding! Beautiful memories! This image was taken in Mashatu in the Green Season. A magical place filled yellow fields of Devil Thorn flowers. Join us next year for a “Green Season” safari of a lifetime!

P.S. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is a song originally written and recorded by Solomon Linda under the title “Mbube” for the South African Gallo Record Company in 1939. In 1961, it became a number one hit in the United States as adapted in English with the best-known version by the doo-wop group the Tokens.

Old Green Eyes – A true survivor

When we started our Planet Okavango Project, there was a leopard in the area we were based called “Green Eyes” with the most incredible coloured eyes I have ever seen. The better the light, the better colour the eyes became for photography. End of last year a good 3 years since I photographed her last, I asked one of the guides from a nearby lodge when was the last time he saw her? Apparently she was killed, (a rumour), by lions, as well as her cub. He saw how the lions tore her leg off etc. Nobody saw her for months, so everybody assumed she was dead. To our surprise 6 months later we bumped into a leopard lying under a bush with the last rays of afternoon sunlight on her face licking her back paw. She was licking a “stumpy.” Clearly she lost a limb, but here was “Green Eyes”, very much alive. Survived a lion attack, and looking in good condition, with only 3 legs. Nature is a wonderful thing! A true survivor!