PG 13 ‘Violence’

Hi all…so I know you can find much much worse on the Internet but I still thought I would warn people about the photo I am sharing with you today. It has some blood and guts in it and I know that not everyone likes this kind if thing.
So…for the rest of you, I found this leopard that had just taken down (all by itself) a gemsbok! I was so impressed as I am sure you all are too. For this cat to bring down one of these antelope is a very big achievement. Well I guess when the reward is that great for the leopard then it is definitely worth it.

It gobbled as much of this kill as it could as it was too big for the leopard to drag and store up a tree. Soon the other scavengers (hyenas, jackals and vultures) would come along and it wouldn’t have much chance after that.

Take a look and let me know what you think…

Cheers til tomorrow.